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Gaushala was started by only two persons in 1996. Gaushala was first known as Karm-Yogi Sanstha Sanchalit Kamdhenu Gaushala but after the registration Gaushala is known as Om Shiv Kamdhenu Gaushala Charitable Trust Sanchalit Shree Kamdhenu Gaushala. Volunteers decided to start "Gaushala" for the ownerless, incapable and sick cows. Gaushala was started with a room only. Today, we have four ceiling iron sheds and enough capacity to provide shelter to 150 to 165 calves and cows in Gaushala with 50 volunteers serving day and night for cows regularly.

Future Plan & Activities


Enrich construction of "Gaushala"


Expansion of the region of "Gaushala".

Store house

Build a new storehouse and shelter for cows.

Special Treatment

Provide special rooms and intensive care for sick cows which are either wandering and helpless.

Health Seminars

Organize special seminars for the shepherds to reveal significant information to keep their cows in good health and to improve breed of cows..

Public Awareness

Distribution of banners and street shows to give vital information to enlighten citizens about the plastic materials which are harmful as well as unhealthy for cows.

Special & Cattle Camps

Organize Special Cattle Camps for the sick cows which are wondering or without owners in the various area of city.

Prevent the slaughtering of cows

Prevent the slaughtering of cows in slaughter-houses and help government for the prevention of illegal slaughter-houses.


* To provide treatment to sick and injured cows.

* Take special care of cows which are physically weak and handicapped.

* Provide information about cow breeding and its implementation.

* Improvw cow breeding.

* Help Goverment to prevent the slaughtering of cows.


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Member's Profile

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Gabani Bhagavanbhai Ranachodbhai
Mobile No: 91-9427754852
Member Photo
Vice President
Patel Sunilbhai Jasvantray
Mobile No: 91-9825025962
Member Photo
Mukeshbhai R. Patel
Mobile No: 91-9825235497
Member Photo
Vice Chairman
Patel Kalpeshkumar Balavantray
Mobile No: 91-9825385515
Member Photo
Patel Ketankumar Jaychandrabhai
Mobile No: 91-9879858519
Member Photo
Committe Member
Bhingaradiya Pareshkumar Kalubhai
Mobile No: 91-9924514608
Member Photo
Committe Member
Bhavikbhai S. Patel
Mobile No: 91-9825225816


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Shree. Krushnakundal Maharaj
(Iskon - Bhavnagar)

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Shree. Shaktisinh Gohil
(CongrassParty Leader - Bhavnagar)

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Shree. Rajendrasinh Rana
(M.L.A - Bhavnagar)

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Shree. Mahendrabhai Trivedi
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Dr. Tripathi Sir
(Sir T. Hospital - Bhavnagar)

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Mayor of Bhavnagar.

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